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» »Unlabelled » Solomon Islands Marovo baffles: Dead fish found floating in lagoon

PEOPLE of central Marovo lagoon in the Western have baffled over the sightings of dead fish floating in the lagoon since the weekend.

Reports reaching Solomon Star early this week said since Saturday there were schools of dead fish found floating inside the lagoon area.

A man from the area Lloyd Nonga said the sightings of the dead fish have caused panic amongst the villagers.

“Dead fish found here in Marovo lagoon for the last 3 days, since Saturday.

“There were dead fish floating in the sea which caused panic among local communities here in the central part of Marovo lagoon,” he said.

Mr Nonga who informed this paper via email said the exact cause that led to the death of fish stock in the area is still unknown as of yesterday.

But he said locals have blamed a foreigner who is developing a tourism resort in the area.

“Locals are pointing figure to a foreigner who is married to a local Marovo woman and is developing an island on the edge of the lagoon for tourism,” he said.

Unconfirmed reports said a suspected chemical used to treat timbers against white ants is likely the cause.

It is unclear how the chemicals ended up in the sea.

As of yesterday evening people still found more dead fish floating in front of the villages.

Mr Nonga said the incident had also resulted in a woman suffering from food poisoning.

“A woman believed to be suffering from food poisoning at Chea village was evident.

“Village elders/leaders have restrained people within their communities not to eat fish until relevant authority come to assess the situation,” Mr Nonga said.

Following the sightings of the dead fish in the area children were instructed not to swim in the sea.

Last night Mr Nonga told Solomon Star the community have notified the fisheries and environment department on the matter.

“We have sent a report along with photos of dead fish to the ministry.”

It is unclear when an assessment team will be dispatched to the area.

The western provincial is yet to be informed about this incident, Mr Nonga said last night.

The community wants the issue dealt with quickly.

Meanwhile Mr Nonga said Honiara residence should take precautionary measures when buying reef fish from eskies sent to Honiara from Marovo for sell.

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