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» »Unlabelled » IRELAND, Eglinton farm workers 'escape tornado'

Eglinton farm workers 'escape tornado'

Barn and The barn and car were badly damaged

Ten people working at a farm in County Londonderry had a lucky escape after what they described as a tornado struck it on Wednesday afternoon.

It ripped the roof off the barn. A car was also destroyed when a wall collapsed on it.

Farmer Fergie Kelly, said the workers were trimming cows' feet in the barn near Eglinton, when they heard a bang.

"We thought there was a bomb that went off. We ran out of the shed.

"The cows all stampeded ... We saw a tornado going down through the field. The tin was hurled into the air, along with the roof trusses and blocks and a lot of other debris. It was quite a scary experience."

Mr Kelly said no-one was hurt but they were "totally scared" by their experience.

"The shed roof started to lift and all of a sudden the shed roof lifted off into the air," he said.

"The only good thing about today is everyone got out without being hurt."

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