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» »Unlabelled » Hundreds of cattle die of mysterious disease in Dadu

Cattle_DeathsJOHI: Hundreds of cattle including sheep, goats, cows, buffaloes and camels have died of mysterious diseases in a month in different villages of Kachho area lying between Khirthar mountain range in the west and the plains along the river Indus on the east side.

The villagers told PPI, that animals so far included 700 goats, 300 sheep, 40 cows, 25 buffaloes and 15 camels.

The villagers said that 200 goats, 95 sheep and 3 cows died in Pat Gul Muhammad area of Kachho while 160 goats, 5 cows, 3 buffaloes and 6 camels died in village Raju Dero, Sim and Torr within 20 days.

Similarly, over 175 goats, 7 cows, 3 buffaloes and 4 camels died in village Bari, Heero Khan and surrounding areas.

The villagers said that a large number of livestock had died in villages Drigh Bala, Chhadi, Wahi Pandhi, Pahlo Qambrani, Tando Rahim, Bago Shahani, Shah Hassan, Chakar Kot and others.

According to them no veterinary doctor or staff is available at the centers due to which livestock owners were sustaining huge losses.

Moreover, no vaccination has been carried out during the last five years by the veterinary staff to save the livestock from the deadly diseases.

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