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A resident in Twin Lakes Beach, in the RM of St. Laurent, wades through high waters to save belongings during Tuesday's flood and storm.
Heavy rain and extreme wind have caused extensive flooding and wind damage around Lake Manitoba and in southwestern parts of the province.

The Manitoba government says 16 people had to be rescued Tuesday, including one person who had to be lifted out by helicopter in the Rural Municipality of St. Laurent.

So far, 238 people who evacuated from the area have registered with the Red Cross.

Several roads have been washed out or overtopped with water and the government says they will have to be inspected before evacuees can return.

More than 700 seasonal and permanent properties have been on mandatory evacuation notices around Lake Manitoba due to flooding.

The Manitoba government says 50 millimetres to more than 100 millimetres of rain fell over the last two days in the affected areas.

On Wednesday, the lake was calm and the sun was shining, while some residents assessed the damage to their properties.

The province said there were also evacuations around the Shoal Lakes area, Dauphin Lake and Ochre river.

The Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters also co-ordinated additional evacuations from the Pinaymootang First Nation and the Little Saskatchewan First Nation.

The group also co-ordinated the evacuation of 15 people from the Skowan First Nation on Waterhen Lake.

In western Manitoba, overland flooding and rapidly rising tributaries washed out roads and flooding has affected numerous communities, including Souris, Minto and Deloraine.

The Sioux Valley First Nation also had flooding and evacuations.

In Ste. Rose du Lac, river levels were being closely monitored in case the community dike needs to close due to rising Turtle River levels.