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» »Unlabelled » Elenin. What to make of it?

Wickus here:

The following has been send to me by a fellow watchman. Like him I can not be 100% sure that Elenin is real. The information supplied is something to take note of. We will know very soon if Elenin is a hoax or a fact. It is just interesting that the climax of this event will coincide with the September date that a UN resolution can possibly start the dividing of Jerusalem… 8) Please let us know what you all make of this.

I want to first start out with a very important disclaimer. I have absolutely no way of knowing that Elenin is real, I have no way of knowing for certain that the JPS (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) is giving out accurate information to those tracking this Brown Dwarf Star, (some since 2004). In fact, I actually called the man who is at the forefront with his findings/warnings and asked him “how can we trust what many are observing on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to be accurate and unhampered with by the government”? He responded to say that they have gone back in history, all the way to 1965, and that all past events have unfolded in perfect sync with JPL’s data, confirming in his mind, that it is a reliable source.

Please know that I am making myself vulnerable and I am trusting you to read this information in the context of the above disclaimer, once again, I have no way of knowing what will really transpire in the coming months, however, as Brother Brian would say…..


* FACT: about two years ago, our government made a decision to no longer allow (non-government) Scientists access to their telescopes and space observations which devastated and mystified the Scientist, nobody has the equipment and resources of the government, this really crippled the scientists in their work. This article stands out in my memory and I remember forwarding it, (via email) at the time.

* FACT: the sun rose two days early in Greenland this year

* FACT: Earthquakes are on the rise, 3 of our most devastating earthquakes in the last 12 months happened when the JPL revealed a perfect alignment between Earth, Elenin and the Sun

* FACT: Not long ago an airport had to repaint their runway because the alignments had shifted so far off

* FACT: A massive seed vault consisting of millions of seeds has just been completed post haste, located deep in ice in the arctic circle

* FACT: For some reason governments have created huge underground bunkers and very large cities designed to withstand cataclysmic events

* FACT: Volcanoes have become unbelievably active, putting out ash that travels the globe and shuts down air traffic, in fact we have 33 active volcanoes right now

* FACT: There have been strange migrating animal die offs, birds by the thousands falling out of the sky dead, fish by the hundreds and hundreds of tons, washing ashore, DEAD, with no explanation

* FACT: We have all read the articles of the massive bee die off over the last few years (which by the way, bees contain magnetite in their systems)

* FACT: There have been freakish, strange weather extremes, from brutal winters to massive heat waves around the world, many breaking 1000 year old records

* FACT: Massive flooding (of biblical proportions) all over the world, today five million are displaced in China due to flooding

* FACT: Sink holes have been appearing all over the earth for several months (many, many sinkholes) with perfectly clean edges, just overnight….I don’t even forward the articles, can’t keep up with them all

* FACT: Articles have starting surfacing (over last couple of weeks) in mainstream media warning of coming solar storms

* FACT: Animals are dieting of starvation, I just read an article that eagles are literally falling out of the sky from hunger, the salmon they normally eat are in such low supply (salmon migrate using magnetite)

* FACT: The Middle East situation as described in Scripture is quickly coming into alignment fulfilling age old prophecies, culminating in what has been called “BLACK SEPTEMBER”

* FACT: There is a star mentioned in Revelation that is cast to the earth, poisoning the water and causing a profound amount of destructions/death to nature and humanity

Others who have done much research say that all of the above natural anomalies are really not a mystery and can simply be answered by the fact that a Brown Dwarf Star also called Elenin (you see the words nine eleven if you examine the name backwards….hmmmm) is moving closer and closer to our Solar System AFFECTING OUR MAGNESTOSPHERE!!!

Thanks to the Brown Dwarf Star, (which is attached to earth and other planets through magnetic portals), we are getting a double dose of magnetism which is interacting and interfering with everything that contains MAGNETITE, magnetite is in the core of the earth, migration animals, bees (and no doubt a host of other things).

Elenin’s magnetic portals are heating and growing the magnetite which is located in the core of the earth, hence, the volcanoes have become extremely active. You see, those who are lucky have a volcano in their vicinity, (although the ash is unhealthy and causes a multitude of problems) because the volcano acts as a release valve for the earth. Yellowstone (unfortunately) has no “release valve” and this is why it is bulging, should the earth give way and explodes, God help us all!!

When migrating animals get hungry, the magnetite in their tissue tells them where to go to find their food, due to the changes in the magnetosphere interfering with the magnetite in their systems, the animals are getting confused and lost never finding their food, then the animals who would eat them are getting hungry, but their food isn’t showing up because they have starved to death, hence they begin to starve as well and it has horrible domino effect.

Remember that so many people are killed by beasts in Revelation? I have always wondered about that, however, it is because they are hungry, the food chain has collapsed! Hunger makes beasts and humans alike abandon natural tendencies, the drive to survive is strong!

The bees…this also explains the bee die offs…..they are leaving their colonies in search of food and getting lost before they get back to their hive!

According to the researcher, the Poles are not shifting; they are actually migrating as the magnetic impacts continue to increase.

Now, this researcher says that the earth has experienced a little bit of a lull in anomalies over the last couple of months because Earth and Elenin have been traveling in the same direction, however, all of that is about to change! He said, the affects of Elenin are going to start getting more obvious around July 7, up to the middle of July, 2011. He said we will not need to wait until September 26, (what many think will be the worst day in this saga) to know that all he is warning of is real. Solar Storms should be getting really bad in September.

July 7, Elenin passes between the Sun and Saturn. He is thinking that the gov. may cause some horrible, national disaster as a distraction to the arrival of Elenin (people are becoming informed).

August 3, Elenin crosses earth’s orbit

September 11, (exactly 10 years to the day from the infamous 9/11) Elenin is closest to the sun, he expects this to cause terrible solar flares (perhaps knocking out power grids) as it passes from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. Elenin is travelling 300,000 miles a day, but will soon be at 400,000 miles a day, continuing to increase in speed as she approaches our solar system.

September 26, could be a devastating pole shift as Elenin moves on the ecliptic plane and sits between earth and the sun, siphoning off the energy of the magnetic portals which are naturally attached to the earth and sun. He says this could be an “Extinction Level Even” (acronym ELE, the first three letters of this star’s name, hmmmm). HE EXPECTS MUCH DARKNEWSS TO HIT THE NORHTERN HEMISPHERE AND ABOUT 10 DAYS OF HORRIBLE SOLAR STORMS TO HIT THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE!

October 17, Elenin is closest to the earth

November 22, Sun/Earth/Elenin are back in alignment, with global tectonic plates floating (due to previous damage), possible Japan like tsunamis all over the earth.

Scripture says the earth will reel to and fro like drunkard!

One more thin, remember that the star in Revelation causes the streams to be bitter (poisoned)….Fukushima, caused by an earthquake/tsunami, caused by the magnetic portals, caused by this Brown Dwarf Star have released radioactive poison the water, air and soil. Infant mortality deaths (babies are most quickly affected by the radiation) in Philadelphia have just increased by over 30% in the last few weeks!! I saw an expert (I think featured on a local news station) blame this solely on radiation from Fukushima.

Another thing I thought about. If the mark of the beast is a microchip, society will (I think) need electricity to process this form of commerce. OR, will things get soooo bad, the earth’s power grids are devastated, hence famine, plagues, etc. follow, the globe is given a unified physical currency, with a literal mark (tattoo) placed on our hand or forehead, in my opinion, a literal mark ON the hand or forehead is what Revelation really seems to infer.

The New Age story line is that we are going to go through some kind of darkness, but it is a cleansing to a whole, new, wonderful world….could this also be the pretext for the UFO portion of their lie??

Such a catastrophe could thrust us from birth pangs into hard labour and profound darkness very quickly…


* Are the seals, trumpets and bowls (as listed in Scripture) written in the order in which they will unfold?

* Will they happen simultaneously or consecutively?

* How long could they take to unfold and how long would they last?

* Could Elenin be the actual star in Revelation known as “Wormwood”?

* Could we really be that far into the 70th week?….could we really be that close to the time of Great Tribulation?

Once again….I DONT NO WHAT TO BELIEVE, JUST TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF IT ALL, and I am trusting all of you to remember that this is the pretext under which I wrote these POSSIBILITIES…you all can do your own research…but there MAY not be much time.

I would welcome any thoughts!!!!

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