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» »Unlabelled » ELENIN - 7-7 WARNING

" Hi guys: Here is the deal: The ELE Timeline says we must arrive at our bugout cavern locations during the month of August, because the solar maximum threat for storms is centered on 9/11/2011; when ELE reaches perigee position directly on the ecliptic plane at maximum velocity. We extend the red line warning two weeks on each side of that date and extend caution warnings accordingly. That means the solar storm threat extends back into August and we need safety windows allowing our people to travel before the CME's become fierce and the electromagnetic pulse threat can possibly knock out the electronics in their vehicles and devices. I continue to feel confident that the solar threat safety windows in green will hold and that our survival members can use the August 1 bugout date and arrive safely at the bugout locations. However, intelligence reports we are seeing around the nation say other threat assessment personnel have extended those safety windows for their people back to July 7, 2011, so that their people are deploying to their bunker positions three weeks ahead of our schedule. Cru4t recently bought five sub-zero sleeping bags from a large survival supply company and they shipped the wrong sleeping bags. Cru4t from our group called the company after hours and happened to get the owner on the phone by coincidence. The owner told crew that a rich party purchased his entire survival warehouse inventory and that he and his family had been offered the opportunity to join their group in an underground bunker starting in the first week of July, but the rich party gave no reason explaining why such measures were required. Cru4t knows full well why we are rushing to the cavern positions to hide from the approaching dwarf star and he informed the survival supply owner of these things, which turned on the lights and allowed him to completely understand the strange events that had been taking place around him for some time now. Here is our problem: The reason we have not included the "Martial Law Threat" into our threat assessment reports is because the Elite want the same freedom of movement we enjoy to make every preparation to meet the ELE threats on a list that are long as your arm; not to mention that society is about to collapse all around us and hungry mobs will gather into large gangs going house to house taking anything they can to survive day to day in a situation that evolves from chaos to mayhem. If the Elite are telling their people to be in their bunkers by the 7/7/2011 Saturn alignment, then they likely realize that Saturn is going to give us a sign that ELE is attempting to wrestle Saturn polarity from the Sun. That means the Elite may very well be looking at staging an 'event' that leads the USA into Martial Law. That would allow the Elite and our corrupt Govt to deploy their 'sleeping contingent' who know nothing about the ELE dwarf star into harm's way by orchestrating a staged 'event' in the Midwest USA, by blowing up a dam and causing a cascade effect that brings down all the dams along the Missouri River Network, which would become the biggest disaster in US History. That kind of event could close roads and block access from the Northeast USA to the Ozarks requiring our people to make detours north and south in an attempt to race the flood waters. Then Martial Law is declared and we have another set of roadblocks from corrupt authorities again trying to block our access to the Ozarks by every means possible. The eastern and western regions of the USA are NOT SAFE. The Yellowstone Caldera out west is going to blow later in the timeline like the Mississippi River Valley is going to liquify from Michigan all the way to the Gulf Coast once ELE gets here and the salt dome area to the south suffers collapse. The Eastern Seaboard Fault System is going to unlock as the New Madrid Fault Zone erupts with activity to initiate the liquification of t he entire Midwest, which will cause meltdown scenarios of multiple nuclear power plants that turn the area east of the Mississippi River into a literal dead zone. That is why everyone east of the Mississippi must plan to make the trip WEST to be in the central USA before the liqufication of that area 'and' before the solar storm threat knocks out the power grid and communication grid much earlier in the timeline. Everyone stuck in the eastern and western USA beyond the power/communication grids going down will be stuck in DEAD ZONES. That is why you must take these warnings seriously and get to the Ozarks before the solar threat in August and perhaps before the staged event that could come around the 7/7/2011 Sun/ELE/Saturn alignment. Terral"


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