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» »Unlabelled » hail storm blankets Cuban province of Holguin

Granizo cubre provincia cubana de Holguín
Saturday, the local residents Holguin de Las Lajas, in the municipality of Calixto Garcia, lived a remarkable day when around 05:00 pm, in the midst of a heavy rain, began a strong and prolonged hailstorm never seen in these parts. This was confirmed by correspondent Rene Cabrera Mulet, who captured the unusual image of the hailstones, some the size of a Cuban currency 20 cents, covered tens of meters across the town. It is a phenomenon never before seen there, or by most of the inhabitants who have lived there all their lives. The storm of hail was accompanied by strong gusts of wind that toppled trees and severely affected homes, crops and cattle, in a totally agricultural. This large-scale local storm also affected other parts of the North calixteño as the villages of Head, Virginia and St. Augustine of turpentine. Immediately, local authorities were called in to the affected regions to assess the damages. -Patria Grande
SOURCE: Radio Ángulo

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