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» »Unlabelled » Comet Elenin - C/2010 X1[ Nibiru ] Passes Closest To Earth October 2011

Planet X - Nibiru. There can be no doubt that something is pulling on the earth as it passes by in the heavens. 2011 has brought a heart wrenching new deluge of weather calamities and natural disasters. These events are now occurring on a scale that could only be described as “biblical.”

Meanwhile fundamentalist Christendom is of no help, offering up their own form of derangement in response to the mounting catastrophic earth changes tragedies which are now ripping across the globe. While traveling this past week I was stunned to actually see huge billboards erected along the side of the highway which stated: “World Will End on Judgment Day, May 21st 2011.” I was speeding by on May 22nd of course, and nothing of the sort had happened. I read later that the southern California nutcase preacher who started all this end of the world panic has now caught on to the actual science and astronomy which is connected to Comet Elenin’s closest pass to earth. In an effort, I presume, to save face, he has now set a new “end of the world” date for October 21st 2011 instead.

Take a number buddy. The citizen journalist community is way ahead of you in speculating out loud and wondering what else might befall planet earth this autumn as Comet Elenin makes her closest fly by.

If earth changes continue to escalate at the rate at which they are now taking place, the governments of the world could be bankrupted by the effort to render aid and assistance to local regions which have been devastated, some regions multiple times. With the global economy already teetering on collapse, the outlook is not good. I am leaning decidedly in the direction of the rural survivalist, and so is everyone else I know. Here are the newest videos in which various youtubers spin their tales of what might happen this fall:

Earlier this spring I wrote:

Study the path of Comet Elenin as it crosses the earth’s orbit in the third week of October. This is the danger zone for SEVERE earth changes and possibly heavy meteor showers. I plan to be off the coast and I am advising others to be off the coastlines also. Here is the video and my earlier article on comet Elenin.


Update on Comet Elenin Spring 2011:

See also

Amateur Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin apparently discovered a new heavenly body, Comet Elenin, aka [ C/2010-X1 ], which has been named after him, on an 18″ diameter reflecting telescope. Or did he? There’s an apparent international news blackout on this recent astronomy discovery.

Other amateur astronomers wonder why, and are now weighing in with their opinions. At least one video states the comet will be visible to the naked eye by August of 2011. Adding to the uncertainty is the fact that the actual closest distance that Comet Elenin will pass by the earth is being re-calculated frequently, and gets smaller with each re-calculation.

Earth may pass through the debris tail of Elenin, and if the comet is dragging any substantial mass of such debris in its tail, our world would possibly be in for quite a pummeling from the debris field. If this takes place, it will fall during the month of October 2011, right around the 18th.

I’m sure by now many are openly speculating as to whether Comet Elenin is Nibiru. I’m still perusing citizen journalist videos on this topic. Below are a few of those.

As of January 27th 2011 comet Elenin was still well outside our solar system‘s enormous outer Oort Cloud. Are there any accurate predictions available regarding what might happen as the comet passes through the Oort Cloud, dispersing and disrupting the orbits of billions of asteroids and sending them tumbling toward the inner solar system, pulled by the Sun‘s immense gravity?

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