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My Vision of the Yellowstone Caldera Eruption

Around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 20, 2013 in the midst of an extremely trying personal season the Lord gave me the following vision.
I saw bright orange flowing rivers of lava in some sort of underground tunnel, an immense underground cavern or cave. I thought at first it might be the lake of fire, or Hell and I was a bit afraid at first, and continued to see this huge flowing river of bright orange lava. It was moving incredibly fast and moving with great force. I felt as if I were moving along with it as if I were surrounded by it.

The next thing I saw was from an aerial perspective. I was taken very high into the air. Exactly how high I cannot say, but it was high enough for me to see a large mountainous figure from a seemingly great distance. It was a very bright and clear day. I remember how clear and blue the sky was and how beautiful it all looked when I saw the landscape of the mountain and trees.

As I was in the air looking down at the mountain the entire right side collapsed as a huge pillar of black smoke, ash, and lava exploded and flew high into the air. It seemed that the ash was going much higher into the air than where I was placed. It reminded me of the pictures of Mt. St. Helens erupting.

The next image was of heavy ash falling from the sky like a thick, dark, grayish snow. People were running and it seemed like many feet of ash covered the ground.

Oddly, "western Montana" seemed to come into my mind.

When the experience was over I was very deeply troubled and disturbed by what I had seen. I asked the Lord where this had taken place and He told me, "Western Montana."

I was not given any information pertaining to dates, times, or how this vision fits in with anything else in terms of future events, America's future, etc.

I have not shared this publicly until now. This is something the Lord has brought to mind over the course of the last week or so and last night when I asked the Lord what to do He told me, "Tell them." He confirmed this word to me again today so now I am sharing what He showed me.

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