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» »Unlabelled » Watch HUGE Wave Created by Typhoon Trami

The power of Typhoon Trami, whicch made landfall in east China's Fujian Province Thursday morning, was also felt in the tidal bore of Qiantang River in east China's Zhejiang Province.

The tidal bore arrived at Xiaoshan District of Zhejiang's capital city Hangzhou at 13:20 Thursday. Surging waves crashed along the bank and drenched observers.

"I stood behind the warning line, but the tide almost swept my glasses away," said an observer.

The tide arrived at Jiuxi in central Hangzhou at 14:30. Despite lessening in strength a bit, the tidal surge still hit the bank and caused a seven-meter-high massive wave.

"The wave was about three stories high. It almost reached the top and you can still see the water mark. It is a lot stronger than August 18 last year," said Li Yaling, a local observer.

According to the Hangzhou Hydrology Bureau, the morning wave on Thursday was 1.8 meters high, marking the biggest tide bore of 2013.

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