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» »Unlabelled » Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons

This video is part of a developing story and shows that Fox News journalists were also victims of white shirt NYPD beating Occupy Wall Street Protestors tonight.

Get the latest updates and watch other videos of today’s police brutality and see other videos of today’s beatings here.

Fox 5 reports that their ournalists have been hit with batons and mace during their coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests tonight

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons

Protest broadens scope

Updated: Wednesday, 05 Oct 2011, 11:28 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 05 Oct 2011, 7:11 PM EDT


MYFOXNY.COM – While covering the Occupy Wall Street protests on Wednesday night, Fox 5 photographer Roy Isen was hit in the eyes by mace from a police officer and Fox 5 reporter Dick Brennan was hit by an officer’s baton.

The protests on Wall Street continued to grow all day. The rallies and their participants are showing no signs of slowing down.

In the evening, crowds surged past barriers and NYPD officers moved in to contain the protesters. By many accounts, mayhem broke out.

Officers, many wearing white shorts indicating supervisor rank, swatted protesters with batons and sprayed them with mace, video from the scene showed.

Fox 5′s Isen and Brennan were there and witnessed the chaos. At one point, Brennan was hit in the abdomen by a police baton and Isen got irritant in his eyes. Both journalists were all right and continued to cover the protests and arrests.

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