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» »Unlabelled » Freak storm traps Bunbury couple

LOCAL residents fought their way out of a ditch during the freakish spring hail storm on Sunday.

The hail storm which wreacked havoc through Ferguson Valley on Sunday.
The hail storm which wreacked havoc through Ferguson Valley on Sunday.

Brenda and Michael Joubert were on a leisurely Sunday drive when they became caught up in the middle of a hail storm in the Ferguson Valley.

The couple pulled their car over to the side of the road under a tree to prevent the car from being damaged but all of the water forced the car to slip sideways into the ditch.

“My window was about a foot away from the ground,” Mrs Joubert said.

The couple didn’t receive any help for around half an hour when a man with his land cruiser was able to pull them out.

“We were a bit traumatised but there was no damage thank goodness,” she said.

Mrs Joubert said that they have never seen anything like this happen in the area.

It has been reported that wineries in the region have been damaged from the unique storm.

The hail storm came after a perfect spring day where it was 25.1 degrees.

Bureau of Meteorology climate information officer John Relf said this was the hottest start to October on record.

“It is very bizarre to have a hail storm in spring, it went from one extreme to the other,” he said.

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