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Dead Dolphins Again Found on Coast of Java

"Last Sunday, around 9 a.m. we buried the dead dolphins"

Senin, 3 Oktober 2011, 15:46 WIB
Arfi Bambani Amri
(Taman Nasional Ujungkulon)

VIVAnews - Following the discovery of 17 dead dolphins in Ujung Kulon, residents of Parangtritis and Depok Beach, Yogyakarta witness the same phenomenon. A number of dolphins were found dead and stranded.

"The officers discovered dead fish on the shore not far from the search and rescue (SAR) command post of Parangtritis," said Taufik M Faqi, Secretary of the SAR Parangtritis team, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Taufik stated that as the dolphins were in terrible condition, the SAR officers buried them. "Last Sunday, around 9 a.m. we buried the dead dolphins," he said.

Last Friday, Jakarta Animal Aid Network Coordinator of Wildlife Research and Rehabilitation, Benvika, said there were 17 dead dolphins stranded in Ujung Kulon, western part of Java. He explained that the dolphins had been stranded since last Wednesday. First, 16 dead dolphins were found, and the next day another bottle-nose dolphin was found lifeless.

Benvika revealed, a scientific assessment as to why the dolphins were dead is underway. "It is believed that the dolphins were lost and ended up stranded," he said.

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