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CW Leonis: This is Nibiru!

I don't believe Elenin is Nibiru and I doubt it follows close on its heels. I have discounted most of the recent Nibiru/Elenin theories as Hype! This however doesn't mean i don't believe in Nibiru, rather, with my understanding of the Electric Universe, i need something that makes scientific sense.

I propose that the "red giant" IRC +10216, or CW leonis is the Destroyer! This isn't exactly new news for some, because they claim Elenin is actually this object. This is not so. CW leonis might still be quite far out. However, it might become visible next year as the "second sun Betelgeuse nova" as the NASA cover story goes: ... -moon.html




You need a good understanding of the Electric Universe and the EM induced Red shift to understand why this might be the one:

CW LEONIS – Why it may not be what is claimed. ... s-claimed/

There has been a lot of discussion on related threads about the googlesky image of CW Leonis, the brightest object in the night time sky in infrared, being Elenin/Nibiru. I would like to share my position on this with you. I do not insist that I am right, because I know even if I appear right today, others will follow that will provide new evidence for new theories that make the old obsolete.

Over the past few years, astronomy appears to have advanced leaps and bounds, but we always need to take a step back sometimes before we can move forward. Astronomy took a big step backwards in the late 90s, but they don’t even realize it. I am referring to quasars not experiencing time dilation and their redshift not being related to distance.

Light redshift has been used to determine distance to cosmic objects that are very far away. Quasars have the most redshift of all cosmic objects indicating they are billions of lightyears (LY) away.

However, recently Nasa discovered a quasar that has a redshift indicating a distance of 10 billion LY from Earth. It appears adjacent to a much closer galaxy that is only about a 100 million LY away. Then they found another and another, Some appear closer, some farther. New technology revealed that the quasars are connected to the closer galaxy by electromagnetic (EM) plasma indicating that the quasar and galaxy are actually neighbors and that redshift is unreliable for estimating distance. This just destroyed Astronomy, but no one is accepting it. People who work their whole lives have a hard time accepting new facts that contradict their beliefs.

Consider the distance reported for CW Leonis (600 LY) could be off by a factor up to a 1,000+. Remember CW Leonis is thought to be a red giant that is the brightest object in the sky in infrared. The infrared image may be caused by the same type of EM that may cause redshift errors with quasars. A factor of six orders of magnitude would put CW Leonis about 0.0006 LY or 367 AUs or 3.9E9 miles away when the photo was taken. A factor of 6E6 places CW Leonis about where Nasa says Elenin is when the infrared photo was taken.

Also, CW Leonis out shines all stars in the sky except the sun in the infrared. If it’s the brightest thing in the sky besides our sun, shouldn’t we consider it closer than most stars and investigate the possibility that this object is our sun’s binary partner, but we didn’t because redshift says its not so. Shouldn’t astronomy be rethinking these old theories based on obviously flawed assumptions? Why is astronomy dodging the truth? Because as Jack Nicolson once said, “You can’t handle the truth.”

CW Leonis is reported to be moving directly toward us at high speed. Therefore, its location in the sky should stay relatively the same until its approach is close enough to be detected by movement of the Earth around the sun. It was discovered in 1969 and its heading directly toward us. I can’t find any recent location data on this. Can you?

In an expanding universe, I would expect a red giant to be moving away from us like everything else and not directly at us. Objects in space flying straight at us may be flying at us because of gravitational attraction. Therefore, I conclude that the infrared image in googlesky could be Elenin/Nibiru heading for a sling shot around the sun and the infrared signature is caused by the objects extreme EM field. The EM field causes additional redshift proportional to the EM field strength.

We can choose to believe those that continue to rely on methods that are proven to be flawed, or we can start over fresh with new ideas that make logical sense. Staying the present course and denying the facts because of political correctness is absolutely crazy and is turning science into a religion. Do we really need another one? We already have the new religion of “Man-made Global Warming.”

There isn’t a current replacement for redshift calculations that I know of, so everybody turns their nose up at the current discovery by saying quasars are the only cosmic body known to be affected by this discovery with no other explanation. I say take another look. They are pushing their blunder under the rug and ignoring it so that they can all continue to get a paycheck; and not have to admit to themselves the embarrassing mistake, thereby, preserving their ego and avoiding ridicule, and most importantly, to hide the truth and consequences.

We appear to reside in an dynamic living electric universe. Quasars resemble an EM effect. In fact quasars have been observed within galaxies. In a sense, a pregnant galaxy with a quasar embryo that gives birth to a new galaxy, a quasar. The EM ropes (plasma discharge) that connect the ejected galaxy is the quasars umbilical cord that provides life sustaining EM power to feed the birth of stars. If you have wondered why quasars appear so old, maybe they only appear this way when they are young, feeding and growing.

We need to start thinking of the universe as alive and understand life is everywhere. This is the secret those in real power do not want you to know because they won’t be able to maintain security at the prison planet.


Damp Stars ... pstars.htm

According to a recent European Space Agency (ESA) press release, the Herschel infrared space observatory discovered a cloud of hot water surrounding a giant star in constellation Leo known as IRC+10216. Space scientists were puzzled by the discovery of water near other carbon stars, but the Herschel team thinks they know what creates it: ultraviolet light.

As the ESA bulletin states, "It is the only explanation for why a dying star is surrounded by a gigantic cloud of hot water vapour." Supposedly, ultraviolet light from nearby stars penetrates the envelope between gaseous "clumps," breaking apart carbon monoxide and silicon monoxide, allowing oxygen and hydrogen atoms to attach, forming water.

IRC+10216 is a red giant star, surrounded by a massive cloud of dust that absorbs most visible light. The only way to "see through" the dust barrier is with infrared detectors. It is in that dust that the water vapour was found. The "clumpy structure" in the dust around the star is said to contribute to the formation of the water.

In an Electric Universe, stars are electromagnetically and externally powered. A star is the locus of electric currents that circulate through the galaxy along star-spanning filaments known as Birkeland currents. A red giant is a star lacking a photosphere, the "surface" from which main sequence stars emit radiation. In the case of IRC+10216, its chromosphere has expanded in order to meet the red giant’s electrical needs.

Electric Universe advocate Wal Thornhill writes: “Red stars are those stars that cannot satisfy their hunger for electrons from the surrounding plasma. So the star expands the surface area over which it collects electrons by growing a large plasma sheath that becomes the effective collecting area of the stellar anode in space. The growth process is self-limiting because, as the sheath expands, its electric field will grow stronger. Electrons caught up in the field are accelerated to ever-greater energies. Before long, they become energetic enough to excite neutral particles they chance to collide with, and the huge sheath takes on a uniform ‘red anode glow.’ It becomes a red giant star."


Lucus and his spirals:

(Btw, i don't know what the Norwegian spirals was, but is has no relation on what i think they tried to depict.)

Both the Sun and this red star has a heliosphere or plasma sheath around it. (It is not a mechanical impact bow shock, rather a Electromagnetic "double layer") The Spiral around CW Leonis might be its plasma sheath viewed head on:


(This picture is from the Saturndeathcult site. Its represents the previous red dwarf which entered the solar system: Saturn. I Don't think CW Leonis moves in a spiral like this, i just want to illustrate the point when two plasma sheaths touch.)

The problems arise, in the EU, when both these stars are close enough so that their plasma sheaths touch. This is the moment both stars see each other electrically. The result might be massive flaring on both stars as they try to balance their respective EM charge. The smaller star might develop a tail, like a giant comet.

This is my most realistic current theory on Nibiru.

Jeremiah 4:7: "A lion has come out of his lair; a destroyer of nations has set out. He has left his place to lay waste your land. Your towns will lie in ruins without inhabitant."

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