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» »Unlabelled » Terrible landslides, 16 home falls into river

Department terrible landslides involve 16 houses collapsed under the water line that everyone is shocked, laments. The incident occurred at 22h30 on 01/07 at Hamlet Wood incision (address C2, Hamlet 4, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC).

Ms. Guo Attorney Women (75) - owner of one of seven houses collapse entirely, said, crying: "My family has four people full of women, I'm prepared to go to bed when he heard the cry" Iraq, Iraq "is not promptly found out what the house tilted, shaken, shaken up. I quickly lay a girl asleep again and the little boy out of the house, not killed it. Furniture items not bring up. "

Tran Van Thai - owner of a house collapsed "I just hugged up with a refrigerator just outside the house slipping, slowly drifting out far away, the old place about 5 meters. Identification with the Other living things have gone. "

Most people are surprised there is no preparation for dealing with problem assets largely swept away by currents. Even in the dark people and the youth force has conducted rescue and clean-up property is lost ashore. However, there are some bad elements to take this opportunity to looters. Initial damage not reported.

On the morning of 07/02, is present at the scene, Ms. Hong Mai Thai - Deputy Permanent Secretary of Binh Chanh district, said the immediate district support 3 million VND / household to those households whose houses are completely collapsed. Those who have a familiar, then to stay, but the household does not kin will find temporary accommodation places for people. Toward long-term care domicile people are discussing the specific district.

"We will direct the district Fatherland Front Committee criticized the fund for the poor to support her child is in trouble, tribulation"-Ms Mai said.

According to Mr. Phan Van Gong - Vice Chairman of Binh Hung, causes collapse of the mass in region C2, incubation 4 because this is the bends of the river, long the strike created eddies. Besides, the building houses on soft ground, overloaded resonance to cause problems. Commune People's Committees in support of 2 million VND / household houses collapsed.

And people say the main cause is due to barge sand running through it daily to create waves of groundwater impacts on the ground, causing erosion, gradually weak foundation should be water washed.

According to our research area, landslides and collapsed houses in the area B, the plannings of the Phu My Hung. All households where only the sale of papers written, no red book, red book. Most are poor farmers and difficulties.

"I hope the government, the state interest and support we have a stable place for us to deepen fraternal friendship, career. The house is now floating in the river water out then!" - Many people express their legitimate aspirations.

Reportedly, in 2007, along the canal also has eroded washed away nine homes, from where the incident is about

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