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» »Unlabelled » Ex-CIA Agent Explains How Bloggers Can “Dump Congress On Its Ass”

EX-CIA agent explains how bloggers can dump congress on their ass by getting out the truth the government doesn’t want the people to know.

Robert D. Steele, former spy, the son of an oil man, blows the cover off all the mess that is going on. LISTEN UP to what he says, if it’s the last thing you do. The government needs to be fired along with the electoral reform system. Spread the News! UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDE WE FALL! We bloggers and those who make videos (vloggers) do make a difference. You are the Paul Reveres and Patrick Henry’s of our generation. You are the intelligence minutemen of the age. We have the power. Take it back!

Some states have already seceded from the Union of the once United States of America. Take back what belongs to you, what you worked for and for your families. Most important, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save you in these dark days ahead. A storm is coming on the horizon. Be ready! Stand Strong!

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