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» »Unlabelled » Russian astronomer LEONID ELENIN comes out to debunk the "Extinction Level Event" psy-op.

That's a historic moment. The discoverer of the comet named after his own name, LEONID ELENIN, shows up in an interview for Russian HTB NTV to give his version of the scientific facts about the cosmic object and debunk the conspiracy theories that claim that he doesn't exists, that the comet is actually a brown dwarf, that an alien armada is coming behind it and that the name ELENIN is a code for "Extinction Level Event Nibiru In November". Is Leonid Elenin authentic and truthful or is he covering up sensitive details kept in secret by TPTB???

The full transcription of the Russian news video provided by the own channel:

"Today, the rumors about the imminent end of the world, which have recently appeared more, fly around the world faster and faster. Thousands of residents of Rome, took everything of value out of their homes and fled from the city, scared by the prophecy of a terrible earthquake. Allegedly 100 years ago, an Italian self-taught astronomer, announced that on 2011, May 11th, the Italian city would be wiped off from the face of Earth.

The source of global hysteria, the first in 20 years, is flying towards Earth - Comet Elenin - told the Russian astronomer. There's massive discussion on the Internet, whether or not, alien spaceships are hiding behind it and approaching of Earth. The governments know this, but keep the information from the public.

According to another version, the planet faces a collision with the comet. NTV correspondent Sergei Malozemoff, convinced by such popular rumors, has decided to seek answers in the scientific community.

The Panic on the Internet began with a genuine snapshot, released by Argentine astronomers - few people paid attention to the date - April 1st. In the center - a comet with a symbol from 2010 X1 Elenin, and on each side, wrote the scientist, - something very much like two alien spacecraft. There it goes! - The viral end of the world on the 'net.

Roman Chelyuskin, chief editor of the blog service: "This issue continues to gain momentum. For instance, during the first week of May, the number of records of the comet Elenin are 30 times the number of posts that we made in April. "

The name of Comet's discoverer - Russian Leonid Elenina - was immediately transcribed as "Extinction Level Event" and "aliens from the planet Nibiru in November." Even mentioned the name of the hero of the catastrophe blockbuster "Deep Impact", Leo. All signs that there is no Comet Elenin. A secret world government hide the horror that awaits us.

A simple search on the open scientific bases led NTV Group at the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Keldysh, where Leonid Yelenin works. NTV correspondent contacted him and was convinced that he is real.

Strong handshake, no signs of hoax. Leonid Yelenin - 29 years, did study at the Moscow Aviation Institute, then worked as a Property Agent, and after the crisis has returned to his beloved science. He shows his college registers to everyone who doesn't believe him. Complains: There's someone else registered under his name in the Facebook(...) Full transcription and translation here:

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